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Anti counterfeit
Windscreen tickets
Tax Stamps


We manufacture


Holographic labels for tax stamp and product protection

  • Self adhesive tamper evident labels

  • As plastic or paper labels

  • Holographic and OVI/fluorescent print features available

  • Personalised data available


Holographic Labels for windscreen stickers​

  • Windscreen stickers for vehicle verification

  • Self adhesive and tamper evident, high performance adhesives

  • Holographic, HRI transparent holographic, and print features available

  • Additional print features, OVI/fluorescent or personalised data available

  • UV and Temperature resistant label adhesive.

Holographic micro-taggants for vehicle & article security

  • Holographic micro-taggants 

  • Batch encoded

  • Adapted for application by spray or painting on

  • Tiny, microscopic, holographic particles each carrying a microscopic secure diffractive image for covert identification and a verifiable batch number

We manufacture holographic labels for use in anticounterfeit and product protection. These include Hologram Windscreen labels and Holographic Microtaggants for vehicle security, both visible and forensic, and holographic labels for tax stamps and product protection.

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