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Scratch Off Foils
Scratch Off Labels
Flexo Scratch Off Inks


We have decades of experience manufacturing holographic and printed scratch off foils and labels for the telecoms and scratch card industries.

We can manufacture up to 100 million scratch label PINs or scratch foil equivalent a month and can provide a line of flexographic scratch off inks.

Scratch off labels and foils

  • Scratch off labels, tamper evident, opaque, multi-pin layouts

  • Two part sandwich label systems with top scratch off, bottom release label 

  • Scratch off foils, high speed application

  • Printed and holographic customised logos

Scratch off hot stamping foil transfers a scratch off overlay for data protection to concealing PIN numbers or data. The scratch off foil acts as an opaque protection over data which is destroyed when removed. Typically used on rotary hot foiling lines such as Atlantic Zeiser Cardline machines.

Scratch off labels contain a soft opaque scratch off coating and are tamper evident. Available in single or multi pin formats. Designed to apply on high speed card lines such as on Atlantic Zeiser Cardline machines.

Flexo scratch off inks

  • Flexo scratch off inks  provide a high quality, flexo print applied scratch off layer, with high opacity and a soft scratch, manufactured in house

  • Also we manufacture flexo scratch off printing machines 

  • We provide a custom print system for flexo scratch off machines. ​

Flexo scratch off inks work as a multi layer system to give a highly opaque and easy scratch feel layer to obscure sensitive information. 

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