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Security foils, stripes, threads & laminates


We manufacture and have experience of

  • Transfer foils 

  • Stamping foils 

  • Stripes

  • Security Thread components

  • Security Patches and laminates for banknote papers and fast roll on machines 

  • All with OVI Print and Holographic features

We are Specialists in security coatings, formulations & adhesives for security threads and supply to large paper-making & thread manufacturers

These products are all designed as surface features for banknote, security papers & printing


In house embossing capability for both for heat and UV cast, embossed holographic and micro-optic features


In house manufacturing coating machinery with detailed knowledge of stamping foils and release films means you get an excellent product.


We have many years of experience at the highest level in top quality security holographics and diffractive optics and take projects through conception, design, and trialing stages into long term production.

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