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Transparent ID Laminates HRI, Holographic and Clear

We manufacture secure holographic data protection overlays for personal identification and data protection for plastic cards or in passports.

Transparent HRI holographic ID patch laminates & transfer foils 

  • Transparent HRI holographic ID patches

  • Available in dry peel laminate and transfer foil form

  • Available with OVI and UV Fluorescent print.

  • For use on personalised plastic cards.

Clear laminates, protective patches and foils 

  • We manufacture and hold stock of Clear protective patches and foils for Magicard and DNP CLS-600 laminators

  • For paper applications PE/PET heat seal and SA laminates are available

  • Can provide plain protective patches and foils specced for other laminator manufacturers on request. 

Thick laminates for use on paper data pages

  • Laminates for use in passport data page papers

  • High security features, holographic, micro-print, OVI & UV fluoresce available

  • PE or PET base material 

  • Heat seal or Self adhesive 

  • Can be mounted on a paper release liner for collating lines

Data protection overlays are transparent holographic image overlays designed to overlay and protect personal data such as photo IDs against tampering and alteration.

They carry a high security diffractive image designed for overt public recognition and for covert identification.

The combination of high quality transparent HRI holographics, OVI print and invisible fluorescent print provides high security overlays secure against alteration and counterfeit. 


Our capabilities in holographic production ensures that our laminates carry some of the highest security diffractive features available today 

Our 'thin film' transparent holographic is an ultra thin laminate designed to apply under heat and pressure and provides enhanced protection against removal or alteration.

Our patch card laminates utilise a combination of a novel dry peel system and heat seal to transfer off the carrier under heat and pressure and seal onto the card surface in the laminator.

Our holographic/diffractive overlays use a transparent zinc sulphide coating to realise bright transparent holographic features.

Our pressure sensitive security laminates and PE/ PET heat seal laminates are manufactured as both printed and holographic.


Other security features can be utilised within our laminates such as our holographic micro-taggant technology, OVI print, holographics and tactile embossing.

Our knowledge and experience in printing, coating, finishing, heat-seals, releases and dry peel techniques allows us to assure excellent transfer and bonding to the paper card surface.

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