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Why choose us?

Holographic Security Innovations is an Independent family owned company with decades of experience in holographic security, coatings and security print for the banknote and security industry

We manufacture at our plant in Hampshire UK


Our Capabilities and machinery

Holographic Security Innovations Limited are technical expertise security and the manufacture of novel coatings, finishing and holographics for the security paper and ID card industry. 

We possess in house high volume bespoke wide web multi head gravure printing coating and laminating machinery plus smaller die cutting and finishing. We use our flexible machinery and technical expertise for printing, lamination, adhesive formulation, stamping foils, dry peel and surface processing plus holographic embossing and precision label finishing. 

We are comfortable undertaking volume security R&D developments and manufacturing in reel to reel coatings and diffractive optics. 

Our People

Our key people have decades of industry experince in holographic, reel to reel coatings, security print and material science formulations and research and development 


Our people have a long record of inventions and novel patented developments in security holographic, micro lenses, coatings and machinery 

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