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Security Fibres & Holographic  Micro-taggants


We manufacture

  • ​Multi colour UV fluorescent fibres with micro print 

  • Patented Holographic Micro-taggants for use in high security papers 

  • UV fluorescent Planchettes & micro-taggants of various sizes


These features are embedded into banknote & passport paper in the paper mill and provide high security visible and forensic level security features

UV fluorescent Fibres for banknote and security papers 

We manufacture security fibres designed for use in banknote and high security papers with multi colour UV excited fluorescent features.

Size is typically 2 to 6 mm long, width typical 0.3 to 2 mm wide.

Additional micro print and covert ink features can be incorporated.

Our fibres use novel technology to offer superior UV brightness and paper adhesion.

The security fibres are designed to be added to the paper pulp during the paper-making process.


Holographic Micro-taggants for covert paper and article security

We manufacture novel holographic micro-taggants as a covert feature for security papers. 


These are tiny, microscopic, holographic particles sized typically around 0.5 mm to 0.1 mm across. 


Each micro-taggant carries a microscopic secure diffractive image for covert identification and a verifiable batch number on both sides.

Our holographic micro-taggants carry a range of authentication and functional layers and contain patent protected features. Holographic micro-taggants are currently used in a number of passport applications.

Holographic micro-taggants are applied to security papers on their surface during the paper-making process, and to high security documents in printing ink carrier.

The holographic micro taggants can also be applied in a paint or spray carrier for vehicle security.

Also available are temperature resistant holographic micro-taggants for use in environments where temperature resistance is a requirement to allow authentication after fire or heat damage.

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